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“start a Conversation” is a roundtable discussion that allows honest dialogue about race with different groups.

start a Conversation with... Black Men

start a Conversation with... Black Women

start a Conversation with... Diverse Voices

start a Conversation with... Multicultural Voices

start a Conversation with... International Black


Dr. Shani Byard, Adwoa Sabola Maat (Prophetess Guided by Justice) is an educator and consultant who specializes in educational leadership for social and racial justice. She is the owner of Message Media Education, a professional development training company designed to counter media’s influence on the negative perceptions of Black youth in our media saturated society. Training participants are youth, seniors, educators and professionals, from all ethnic/racial backgrounds, who learn to become Afro-Media Literate, gaining the necessary tools to dismantle unconscious racism, challenge media stereotypes and cultivate interracial understanding.

Dr. Shani Byard

Message Media Education

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